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SKU V8806

Features brilliant-sounding bells with added low F and F# bars. Gibraltar-designed stand, tunable practice pad and all components. Available in your choice of popular backpack bag or easily-transportable traveler bag.


  • 32-note extended range bells with pitch letter names deleted from tops of bell bars
  • Peel off letter name stickers for students requiring early visual reference
  • Maintenance-free neoprene bar mounting
  • ABS endplates and metal cross support
  • Combination bell/pad stand with 1″ chrome tubing, nylon bushing and wide tripod base
  • Basket-style platform bell mount
  • Fully padded deluxe nylon bag with ineterior accessory compartments and padded bell divider, large exterior compartment for sheet music, exterior ID window, padded carrying handles
  • Wheels and retractable handle assembly bolted to ABS plate inside bag
  • Tunable practice pad
  • Serial numbers on badge and carton
  • Includes detachable music rack, birch shaft mallets and drum sticks


Bells: 2.5+ octaves, F5 – C8
Bars: Satin finish aluminum, 1″ wide, 3/16″ thick
Pad: 8″ tunable
Stand: Single-braced, height adjustable 25″ to 37″
Sticks: SD1 General
Mallets: 7/8″ phenolic ball, birch shaft
Bag dimensions: Length 27.5″ (including wheels), width 15.5″ low end, 8.75″ high end, depth 7″