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In 1997 Vic Firth and Kaman Music Corporation teamed up to develop a series of percussion products designed specifically for student percussionists and school music programs that would set a new standard in innovation and quality.

Vic Firth, in addition to holding the position of solo timpanist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra for fifty years, is one of the music industry’s most influential educators and the founder of the successful Vic Firth, Inc. drum stick company. Vic’s expertise and knowledge of the educational marketplace, combined with Kaman’s large distribution network, manufacturing capabilities and excellent customer service, proved to be a winning collaboration.

One year was spent in research and development before two “Vic Kits” were introduced in January 1998. Since then the line has expanded to include a number of products that are specially engineered for quality craftsmanship, solid durability and excellent tonal response.

Educator-approved Vic Firth products are widely respected for innovative design features that have become the industry standard. Vic Kit “firsts” include:

  • First to introduce traveler bags with wheels and telescoping handle for percussion products, providing improved portability and easier transport.
  • First to offer a professional quality key adjustable vertical release snare throw off on student model snare drums.
  • First to develop a rubber practice pad mount to secure a tunable practice pad atop a snare drum for more realistic performance.
  • Among the first to offer extended range bells with added low F and F# to better correlate to the piano keyboard.
  • First to include peel-off pitch letter name stickers in percussion kits, in place of stamping letter names on bell bars.
  • Among the first to offer maintenance-free neoprene bell bar mounting for pure, rich tonal response and increased resonance.
  • First to introduce a concert tambourine with Optimum Angle Jingles® for clear, crisp articulation.
  • First to introduce a Multi-Dynamic Triangle Beater® offering increased control at all dynamic levels.

Vic’s passion for music making, dedication to percussion education and commitment to excellence remain legendary, which is why more and more students continue to enjoy making music with Vic Firth Educational Percussion products.